Yes, it's true, there are real weapons of mass destruction. I know, because I spent part of the weekend building one...

Four years ago, I went to my first SCA event. [ profile] silme had started getting involved before, but this was the first time I went with her. It was Kingdom University and it was held at a scout camp in Paisley in Scotland. I signed up, with great eagerness, for an all-day class on building a trebuchet.

Sadly, not enough other people signed up for the class, so it was cancelled. Instead, I discovered an unsuspected talent for calligraphy (which would have caused severe heart attacks to all the teachers who wrote "must improve his handwriting" on all my school reports.

So, four years later, at Yuletide University in Glen Rathlin, that early ambition was realised. I actually got to build a trebuchet.

OK, it was a table-top trebuchet - an A7 Table-Top Trebuchet, to be exact (A7 - paper size - 110m long, or about the size of a Post-It note). but it was a trebuchet. It fired missiles (well, a small wooden ball about the size of a Malteser), and did so very successfully. I came 2nd in the competition due to a launch mechanism failure on the rapid-fire round, and an entanglement of my launch sling causing the "launch a Malteser without denting it" round to only go 12".

Ah well, it was tremendous fun. Next year, I'm hoping that the tutor who did this course will allow us to do the same, but this time, making a Ballista.

If you want to see said device, click on the cut...

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