We don't have a huge garden. When we moved in, the front yard had a heather bush, an unidentified shrub and grass. I have to admit to some level of neglect. The grass didn't get cut often, and soon became weed-infested. A couple of years ago, I got fed up with this and dug it all up, except for the shrub, the heather, and a small conifer that I don't even remember planting. The front half, I resolved to cover in green stuff like chamomile and thyme - low maintenance ground cover. The back half, nearest the house, I covered in bark chips and we planted an assortment of herbs in pots. Handy for the kitchen.

I added an Acer[1], because I have always wanted one of those. Some bastard stole it overnight. I replaced it and chained this one to the fence. It survived. The fence at the front edge broke when I sat on it, so I planted some Hebes instead to make a sort of hedge-like boundary.

More recently, we found that the Chamomile and Thyme weren't giving the ground cover we wanted. [livejournal.com profile] silme did a lot of weeding and then planted lots of Woodruff.

Other than that, we haven't really done much to it until the last few weeks. The back yard has been largely taken up with trying plant stuff we can eat - raspberries, vegetables etc, but we didn't do much more to the front.

We recently went to the village of Chawton, where they were having an open day, with people opening their gardens to the public. Something happened then. Aside from house and garden envy. It started with Lamb's Ear, a plant with really soft, furry leaves that [livejournal.com profile] silme really liked. I thought it would be nice to get some to break up the greenery in the front bit. They didn't have any on sale, but we bought some other plants while we were there. Things kind of snowballed from there....

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