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...It was a journey that started in Toulouse...

Well, actually, it started at home, but there is not much that can be said about the motorways from home to Bristol airport, or the plane journey from there to Toulouse. The only excitement came at security, where my bag got pulled over for inspection. “Uh-oh!” I thought, “Here comes the wand of shame.” But wasn’t the case after all. They needed to inspect the bag because they had detected “something organic” in it. The security guy delved down into the bag and pulled out – a black pudding. They sell a rather nice black pudding in the shop at Dublin airport, and I frequently buy one on the way home. I had done so the previous weekend, but with all the excitement of my suitcase being lost in transit, I had quite forgotten to unpack it. Indeed, I had forgotten about it completely until the guard pulled it out. He was very nice about it, and even offered to let me keep it. I explained that it had been without refrigeration for over a week, so could he possibly dispose of it somewhere. At least he didn’t treat it as a hazardous substance.

Toulouse is much like any other regional airport, except for the presence of Airbus, which makes its presence felt as the plane taxis to the gate. On the way, we even got to see the Airbus-Beluga transport plane that they use for transporting the wings from the plant in England. With its bulbous body and projecting nose, it looked a little like a dolphin with wings. It certainly provided excitement for the young children in the rows behind us.

Since we had flown on a budget airline, we naturally pulled the most distant gate in the terminal, but at least that wasn’t as long a hike as it might have been at a larger airport. Before long, we were installed in our hire car and trying to work out where to go. Our first stop was Rabastens…



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