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After much agonising with corset ties, buttons, safety-pins etc, we managed to get ourselves into our Steampunk Ball outfits. Fortunately, since it was a chilly evening, it was only a short walk to the convention hotel. I was a little concerned that my "Fangderbuss" might attract undue attention from security cameras (being so close to the airport runway), so I let it dangle nonchalantly from one hand. I think I got away with it.

Taking a moment to adjust our dress, we made our way up the stairs to the ballroom. We were noticed! OK, I seemed to be the only one there in informal wear, and certainly seemed to be the only one carrying an enormous weapon. That certainly helped get us noticed.

The ball seemed somewhat empty at first, and only a few people seemed to have come in garb, but it started to fill up. Music was supplied by Ghostfire, in several sets over the course of the evening. Occasionally, people seemed to be dancing. My lady did drag me up for a waltz, with limited success. While my alter-ego - Maj. Betram James Beresford-Winterton (Retd.) would almost certainly have been versed in such gentlemanly pursuits as ballroom dancing, I regret that I have no such ability. Perhaps this is something that needs to be rectified for the future.

I am usually somewhat shy at parties and such like, tending to hide away a little and not get noticed. This was not an option this evening. Much to my surprise, I found myself very much the centre of attention, with lots of people admiring the Fangderbuss and insisting on taking photos of it, and me. At some point, I got given a card for another Steampunk event in September, but I wasn't sure why. I had missed the announcement earlier about the costume competition. Apparently, assorted judges had been sent out to circulate and give cards to those thought worthy of entry into the competition. In all, six entrants (one a couple) were called up for the competition, me included. We were each given a chance to introduce ourselves, and were then subjected to a "clapometer" judging. I made the first cut (down to the final three) and came third in the final. No prizes, but it was pleasing to have even been considered (even if it was mostly on the size of my weapon, rather than my hastily assembled shorts and shirt costume).

More people came to see the Fangderbuss, many seemed very impressed and gave high praise - even those experienced in the construction of steampunk gadgetry. More photographs were taken, and eventually, we managed to persuade somebody to take pictures of us with our camera, so we would have some to bring home. There are about a dozen of them after the cut, so only click if you don't mind the download.

Tired, but happy, we wandered back to our hotel. Extracting ourselves from the costumes proved a little quicker than getting into them, and was accompanied by sounds of pleasure and relief, rather than the pained sounds that accompanied getting dressed.

It was tremendous fun. I think we will be doing this again...

And now, without further ado, I present Major Bertram James Beresford-Winterton (Retd.) and the Lady Emma Hyde...

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