Dec. 24th, 2010

I had a great fondness for my mother's Chestnut Stuffing. So, some years ago, I obtained the recipe from her. Since then, I have experimented somewhat, varied it a little according to my own tastes, but the basic recipe remains the same. I added things like garlic and chilli, extra herbs, and, on occasions additional vegetables or even fruit. This year, I decided to use apricots. If I say so myself, it is rather tasty, and it is always a great disappointment, a few days after the main Xmas meal, when we use up the last of the leftovers.

Given that we might be wandering off in the direction of a cinema tomorrow, I decided to make the stuffing in advance. This works well, as it only needs a few minutes in the microwave to get it nice and hot for the table.

And, since I had the camera nearby after photographing the brining of the goose, I thought I would document the process of the stuffing. Since this is rather longer....
(note, it is down there somewhere, I have no idea why it is rendering with such a big gap)
I thought I would put it behind a cut )

So, there you have it. One bowl of hopefully delicious chestnut stuffing, ready for the table on Saturday.



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