Dec. 23rd, 2010

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It's that time of year again...

Sadly, Warborne Organic Farm closed their farm shop after the holidays last year. It wasn't making enough money, so they have decided to revert to growing organic crops for the wholesale market.

Fortunately, their butchers, John & Les, decided to carry on. They took over another farm shop in the area and re-opened, mostly selling organic meat, but also stocking some vegetables and and fine comestibles. It's a bit further out, and doesn't have such a wide range, but we still pop in for stuff now and again. Way back in the summer, we asked if they were going to be doing geese for Christmas, and they said they would, as they thought they had a supplier sorted out. Back in October or so, we were up there again, and saw they were taking reservations, so we placed an order.

Yesterday, I called to make sure it was ready for collection. It was, but only because a friend of John's kindly drove down to Devon in his estate car to collect them. Otherwise, they would have been stranded down there by the snow. I drove up there, collected the goose and a few other bits and pieces, chatted with John & Les for a while until the shop got busy, and headed on home again...

To prepare for the annual ritual of brining the goose...

Watch, watch, the brining of the goose
Watch and see the spices flowing
See the goosey in the bath
Brining for my Yuletide meal

One organic goose, fresh from the butcher

One plate of ingredients for the bath

One goose, suitably submerged

And protected from the elements

[1] To the Tune of Shaking of the Sheets...



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