Apr. 2nd, 2010

And the process continues

The main body more or less complete, it's time for some embellishments...

The pierced handles off a couple of brass love-spoons, some bits of plumbing, half an empty bottle of Ecover washing up liquid, some bits off an old spot-light ceiling fitting, an old brass compass with a replacement dial, an old leather belt, a couple of bits of bent brass strip and the bowl of one of the spoons...

Behold the final stages of construction... )
After all the sawing and cutting and staining and painting and glueing and stuff, the gun is complete.

The general idea is that it fires stakes, and, if necessary, flame... for hunting vampires, of course...

But, it needs a good steampunkish name. So far, all I have come up with is Fangbuster or Fangderbuss

Suggestions gratefully received...

There might even be a prize, if I can think of one.

Behold, the Fangderbuss )
I have the hat, I have the goggles, I have the gun. Somewhere in the depths of the wardrobe, I have appropriate shorts and shirt. I would have had boots too, but they were out in the garage and it was raining.

But, thanks to some pics by my beloved [livejournal.com profile] silme, here is what I will more or less look like...

Of course, as well as a name for the gun, I will need a name for myself. Something suitably pompous - Captain Bartam Millthorpe III, Gentleman Adventurer and Vampire Hunter... or some such.

Suggestions for that too, please.

Behold the brave vampire hunter )



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